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About MBA

Business Consulting Services
MBA Business Services has been in business for over 20 years and provides customized business services to its clients. MBA management provides its service on a direct personal basis to help guide businesses to a more profitable performance. Our purpose is to enhance the various operational aspects of a business and to provide the guidance to perform more efficiently with an improved standard. MBA Business Consulting Services include but are not limited to the following:

Business Analysis
Business analysis includes a variety of reviews of a business depending on the area of focus. It may include financial analysis of the business performance, profit and margin analysis, property valuation, business valuation or a general overview of the business.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning service entails goal setting, financial objective, action plans and other related facets of a productive operational plan to attain desired goals. This service is offered in a straightforward no-nonsense approach and is not clouded with a lot of esoteric concepts or mathematical formulas. Rather, it is developed with direct input from the business principals addressing their goals and objectives for the company into a practical, functional, and useful plan.

Operational Management
Operational Management services address specific matters in the business that need either fine tuning or serious changes in order to function more efficiently in attaining a better bottom line. This process may include several of the other services listed here or may focus on any one specific aspect of the business.

Skill Staffing
Skill Staffing addresses the selection of specific skills needed for a business to fulfill its objectives in offering good service, meeting the demands of specific skill needs as well as assuring that employees understand their mission and how they are to successfully comply with their job description.

Budget Development
Budget Development services provide the business owner and/or manager with a useful operational tool to continuously monitor and administer all business activities through good budget management. Budget Development is a practical tool designed to assist the decision makers with the day-to-day choices in trying to stay within the budget constraints. It does not include depreciation issues and other accounting guidelines for tax purposes and financial statements.

Cash Flow Controls
Cash flow control services are an aspect of budgeting but are designed for more specific controls for segments of the business that need tighter controls and day-to-day reporting mechanisms. This area of expertise provides reliable information regarding the financial position of the firm for any specified period of time.

Marketing Planning
Marketing planning service reviews and recommends options for a business in expanding its markets, reaching new clients and customers, and allows for a longer range of future business expectations. Again, this is a process that entails a direct working relationship with the principals of the business and understanding their goals and objectives which are then molded into a useful marketing plan.

Client Development Planning
Client development planning may be a part of the marketing planning process or may be more specific in terms of focused actions in developing new customers; either long range or short range. Client development normally entails more direct actions by managers and staff in developing new clients and may entail participating in specific related organizations, regional committee participation or direct interaction with decision makers. Client development is an area that normally requires outside guidance for effectiveness.

Time Management Planning
Time management planning and problem resolution entails the analysis of the various processes of the business operations as well as staff processes. The object is to identify the best options to increase efficiency and maximize returns.

Financial Loan Packaging
Many occasions occur whereby businesses require a highly experienced, specialized and confidential service in establishing loans for acquisition or expansion. This MBA service includes the review of financial data and budgets, assisting in the preparation of financial needs and repayment schedules, and presentation of the company to lenders.