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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in taking a company to market?

The first step is the decision to sell. One needs to determine if this best meets his or her goals. This part of the process should include looking at both the legal and accounting considerations. The next step is to engage the firm that is felt to best represent the business owner in the market place. This may be accomplished by reviewing their history of performance or references to assure they will be a valuable member of the team in selling the business. The firm selected will share information with the accounting service and the legal firm in determining the pricing and terms of the sale. A marketing presentation to attract quality acquirers will then be prepared and approved by the business owner. Assistance is also offered in evaluating all offers to buy and suggestions re the best strategy for negotiations. Once a deal is struck, assistance is also provided in facilitating the fulfillment of the agreement and oversees the transaction to a successful close.

How is the value of a business established?

Determining the value of a business is a critical step. The seller, working with their accountants and a merger and acquisition team often will determine the asking price and overall pricing strategy. However, the most complete and thorough valuation method is accomplished through a formal business appraisal. Whenever there is some level of fiduciary duty to others, a formal appraisal is the most appropriate.

How do you market a company?

MBA utilizes a multiple approach to maximizing the exposure of a company with the important confidentiality requirements. MBA has established methods of notifying top strategic purchasers and financial purchasers as well as high net worth individuals and equity groups. Working with these qualifications, MBA is able to provide a marketing package that determines how the company is presented As well as its marketing direction.